You’re Graduating, Now What?

The Spring College Guide in the most recent issue of Money magazine has less than Ivy league schools clocking in at over $70,000 for a year’s tuition.  The only thing I see in reading that is a $280,000 in student loan (minimum) for a four-year degree.  And I have to ask, what are you expecting […]

Invest in your business

Right now is a better time than it has ever been to jump in with two feet an pursue your dreams of entrepreneurship.  Increasing efficiencies and access to information provided by technology and social media means all of us have more tools and resources to start and grow a business than ever before.  But with […]

Your CFO Salary and Your Bottom Line

The C Suite of Executives in any business is a critical team upon which the success of an organization is built. Your CFO in particular plays a more crucial role than it is often given credit for. The executive leader of your business’ finances is a linchpin that can hold together the increasing success of […]

Decisions Based on your Mission

In our everyday occupational lives, there are a number of crossroads that we come to. Some are as simple as should I take the elevator or the stairs? Some are a bit more involved bringing about questions regarding finances, personnel or client relations. Although these crossroads can be approached differently, but the constant driving force […]

How Network Marketing Made Me a Better Accountant

Two years ago I started a network marketing business without even really knowing what I was getting myself in to. I had been a licensed CPA for nearly ten years at the time and while I was a natural networker, sales wasn’t necessarily what I saw myself doing. I had just started my accounting practice […]

Stop Hiring a Coach (Maybe)

Coaching is the new hot thing.  Everyone has one, and everyone wants to be one.  But do you really need one?  And how do you find a good one? From a self proclaimed coach… All business owners need some level of consulting, strategic planning, financial oversight.  We all know this, it’s just that small business […]

6 Different Pricing Strategies: Which Is Right for Your Business?

It’s no secret that small businesses play a vital role in the US economy. However, most non-employer small businesses average just $44,000 a year in annual revenue, with many of these companies earning $25,000 or less. While various factors can affect a business’ revenue potential, one of the most important is the pricing strategy utilized […]

3 Ways You Should Be Diversifying Your Income

3 Ways You Should Be Diversifying Your Income Diversifying your income, or adding multiple income streams, is a great way to protect yourself in a down economy. If you lose one source of income, you can simply turn to another to get you through hard times. My quest to diversify my income has gone beyond […]