In our everyday occupational lives, there are a number of crossroads that we come to. Some are as simple as should I take the elevator or the stairs? Some are a bit more involved bringing about questions regarding finances, personnel or client relations. Although these crossroads can be approached differently, but the constant driving force in our choices should be our mission.

What does your mission statement say about your business? Are you using your decision making to reflect the integrity of your mission? Any good mission statement has a few basic building blocks: it’s effective and clear in its description, it defines a drive or a purpose, and it lays out goals.

Each decision you make for your business is an opportunity to showcase what you as a business owner have set out to achieve- your mission. For example, if your mission involves empowering your community what have you done today to honor that? If your mission relates to financial stability and wealth management, are you creating a healthy financial outlook for your business? How does what you’re doing today fit into your mission statement?

Forbes Magazine published a recent article mentioning the following: “Eighty-one percent of those working for companies with a strong mission stated their stakeholders hold trust for their leadership team, whereas that number was 54 percent for organizations without a strong mission.” Are you leading all your employees toward the same end goal? Are your employees effectively communicating your mission to your clients? Are your employees onboard with your mission? What are steps you can take to empower them to implement steps toward your mission?

It’s really important that we get back to business and back to basics. That fire you had that fueled you to create your mission- what started that fire? What is the reason you created a business in the first place? That needs to be the focus; your direction needs to come back to the forefront and be your businesses driving factor.

Take pause to make sure the direction your business is heading in is intended. Create a stable outlook that ensures positivity for your stakeholders. Work with your employees to create an environment that ensures your vision is being correctly communicated and upheld. With your vision clear in your mind make decisions that clearly support it and call on that fire that helped your create you mission in the first place.

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