3 Ways to Help Ensure New Employees Stay

It’s not new news that hiring in the accounting field is challenging, especially when it comes to tax talent. As accounting student enrollments continue to decline at universities, the number of individuals taking the CPA exam each year have also continued to decline placing significant hiring pressure on the industry as a whole.

Firms have to take a lot into consideration when it comes to attracting top talent, but retaining talent can be just as challenging. A competitive hiring market can make it easier for your best assets to be romanced away.

Below are three things firms can do to help build loyalty and a lasting relationship on day one. Focusing on making a great first impression is an important step towards ensuring your investments won’t walk out the door.

Immerse new employees in your firm’s culture before focusing on job-specific training – Don’t jump into the technical as quickly as you make people feel welcome and like a valued part of the team. The technical work is going to be the same firm to firm, which is why immersing new team members is so important. Helping them feel what makes you different from the competition is a key part of retaining top talent.

Making a positive first impression as a manager helps new hires feel committed to staying with your firm – How your leadership interacts with new hires is absolutely critical. Managers are more than just technical reviewers, they are mentors to your newer staff. It’s critical to ensure that your leadership team is made up of individuals who understand their commitment to training and development extends beyond just technical advancement of staff.

Create welcoming customs, assign mentors, and provide branded swag to foster a sense of belonging – While it may seem trivial to think a branded coffee mug would make a difference, having a system in place to make sure that your first impression is organized, thoughtful and intentional is key. A welcome that’s cohesive and focused on your new team members feeling welcome will go a long way.

Before you train new staff on their specific roles, immerse them in your firm’s culture through discussion of your mission, values, and what sets your firm apart. Use videos, information packets, and quizzes to ensure new employees understand the culture they’re joining. Have current employees share stories that illustrate your firm’s unique culture. Videos can also be a helpful tool if your firm is working on a remote work environment.

Remember that starting a new job can be emotionally challenging and the focus is on the first impression to enhance loyalty. By focusing on your firm’s culture, creating welcoming customs, assigning mentors, and providing branded swag, you’ll give new accounting employees a great first day that makes them excited to be part of your team and committed to growing with your firm.

Christine Gervais

Christine Gervais is a licensed CPA, using her skills to help businesses grow and achieve their fullest potential. Christine has a Master’s degree in accounting from Southern New Hampshire University in addition to holding her CPA license for over a decade. Notably, Christine is a nationally recognized speaker providing education to other CPAs on how to best serve clients as well as instruction on a wide variety of topics for business owners on how to maximize success. Christine prides herself on the value she can bring to clients with her extensive tax knowledge and provides strategic, forward-thinking financial strategies to help clients grow. When not behind her desk, you can find Christine spending quality time with her daughter and stepson or tending to the family’s excessively loved farm animals.

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