Tax Planning & Strategy

We always hear things like “our accountant won’t get back to us”, “we’ve been waiting for our tax return for months”, and “we didn’t ask for an extension”. Unfortunately, we’re frequently told that clients were sold the promise of strategy and communication only to receive none of those solutions. If you’re ready to experience something different our tax solutions are for you.

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Tax Solutions that make sense

Most accounting practices view tax services as something that is done once per year and looks at last year’s numbers. We know however, that as the business owner, you’re looking for help throughout the year to manage your tax liability, plan and make decisions that help to reduce your taxes and get answers to questions as things are happening. You tax return preparation is one part of that puzzle but having a tax partner who is invested in continuous communication throughout the year is where most business owners truly benefit. 

Our services are all provided 100% remotely and provided by a team with over 30 years of combined tax experience. Our systems make sure that our clients always have access to their tax information, including returns, tax planning projections and communication with us. Our accessibility makes the difference so you don’t feel in the dark when making decisions throughout the year and trying to understand how it impacts your tax return. 

Our Other Primary Services

Concierge Accounting

Concierge means to "caretake" which best describes the white glove experience you receive with our bookkeeping and CFO oversight packages. Our clients receive customized bookkeeping and accounting systems designed to fit their business while focus on growth and tax strategies.

CFO Services & Coaching

Want more than just a bookkeeper? Would you love to have an experienced financial professional on your team to develop key performance metrics, help drive profit margin, create budgets and cash flow projections? Those services can all be found here in a budget friendly way that gives you all the expertise of a CFO without the big price tag.

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