About Us

Our accounting service is a high level, concierge style financial package. Not just your average bookkeeping, but monthly financial statements reviewed with a CPA. Our team has over 100 years of combined accounting and tax experience to bring you the best of what businesses owners need.

Concierge service means white glove, customized to meet your needs. No two businesses or business owners are alike, so your financial services shouldn’t be either. Allow us to caretake your business accounting so you can focus on what you do best.



Streamline Your Accounting Process with Our Professional Help

Christine G.

CEO of Epiphany Group Inc

Christine is a veteran CPA who has been working with small businesses since 2008. She’s previously been recognized as a 40 Under 40 Young Professional to Watch, a Seacoast Best in Business, as well as nationally recognized for her speaking and training. Christine has led dozens of organizations from start up to multiple six and seven figure incomes and prides herself on her ability to manage an effective team that provides superior customer service. Cultivate’s team of consultants is made up of a wide variety of experienced professionals to meet the needs of every industry and provide timely and accurate tax services to all our clients.

The Elephant

The Elephant holds a great deal of personal meaning to President and CEO Christine Gervais. “It’s a symbol I started associating with my daughter. I felt really inspired by their meaning when I had her and I’ve started collecting elephant artwork for her. The elephant symbolizes everything from strength, honor, stability and patience, to good luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. My daughter and my company are two of the greatest projects I have ever had the great fortune to undertake and having such personal symbolism be incorporated in my business every day was important to me. Strength, stability, and fortune are all qualities I strive to help my clients achieve every day as they pursue their dreams.”