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Whether you need to develop leadership skills, get trained, understand the numbers, or plan for the future, we have designed the coaching program for you. 



We specialize in accounting and software. We can help your small business maintain accurate financial records. From remote CFO services to business valuations, our team does it all.



Proactive planning is the key to minimizing your tax liability. We work with businesses and individuals to pay the least amount of tax required by law. 

What our Customers Say

  • “We all, cannot express enough, how appreciative we are for your taking the time with us that you have…We could not ask for more and you have allowed us to be able to make [our startup] workable. It has truly made a difference for our team.” - KD

  • “We are really appreciative of all that you are doing and feel so confident that you are taking over our financial bookkeeping and advising. I proudly tell people you are our new advising CFO.” – JL

  • "I'm very, very glad I called you for bookkeeping help. You've been truly attentive to my accounting needs and provided financial coaching through tough decisions."

  • “Christine has an unmatched tenacity and drive which are certainly part of the catalyst for her success...she started her own public accounting firm and it has since doubled in size. All the while Christine did not stop giving to the community through volunteerism and financial literacy efforts." - RW

  • "As a small business owner with no one to bounce ideas off of, I love knowing [Christine] is there to hold me accountable for my success" - KF

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